Take & Bake

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Cobblestone Bread Co.

Take & Bake

Artisan Style Bread • NON-GMO Project Verified
Organic • No Artificial Preservatives

We are pleased to bring you Take & Bake Artisan style Breads baked with organic and non-GMO ingredients. We parbake in hearth ovens and seal in FRESHSEAL packaging to bring you delicious bread that you can serve fresh from your oven in minutes.

FRESHSEAL PACKAGING allows this Artisan Style Bread loaf to stay fresh for weeks, when left unopened. It’s convenient and easily stored in your pantry, so you can have delicious bread, Fresh From Your Oven in Minutes … any time you desire. Once opened, store any unbaked bread in a sealed plastic bag and freeze for later use.

Our delicious bread is best served warm from your oven. Follow the heating instructions on back of package then slice or break it apart and enjoy with butter or your favorite flavored oil and herbs.

 Crafted With Care. Better When Shared.